Baqai Foundation



 The Baqai Foundation established in 1976 is the supereme policy making body. It is responsible for monitoring and assistance and guidance to pursue various projects which have been completed or are currently underway. For the last 60 years, Prof. Dr. Fareeduddin Baqai, Prof. Dr. Zahida Baqai and their capable teams have consistently executed sterling projects in the fields of Human Development, Poverty Alleviation, Medical Education, Training, Healthcare, Food and Nutrition, Environment Protection as well as a myriad of complex challenges. The very first project launched by Prof. Dr. Baqai in the 1960's, was the establishment of a 350 bedded healthcare facility to serve the lower and middle income community groups. This project also entertained charity patients. Baqai Hospital at Nazimabad provided high-quality, economical medical care, that was scarcely available at that time. The establishment of Baqai Hospital was the first private-sector social venture in Pakistan, with a primary focus on medical research and education. Since its formative years the Baqai Foundation International had the vision and compassion to identify the detrimental gap between the large growing population and the sparsely available health-care institutions in the region. Today, this large, diversified medical complex and education facility continues to grow and offer state-of-theArt training programs in numerous fields of medical sciences. In 1983, the BFI founder, visionary philanthropist and medical practitioner, Prof. Dr. Fareeduddin Baqai, along with his committed, highly qualified, kindhearted wife Prof. Dr. Zahida Baqai, got this foundation officially registered. This foundation and its passionate social endeavors have earned the respect and support of thousands of benevolent donors from across the world. Its community development projects are operating in numerous countries and regions of the world, including Bangladesh, Nepal, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, Canada and USA.

AIMS & OBJECTIVES of Baqai Foundation

A. To construct, establish, operate maintain, aid and subsidize hospitals, maternity and nursing homes, dispensaries, clinics, sanitaria and any other institutions or homes established for maintenance, care, cure and rehabilitation of handicapped, crippled and mentally retarded persons.
B. To construct, establish, maintain, operate, aid and subsidize universities, colleges, schools, institutions, imparting education in medicine, surgery, nursing and public health in particular and other faculties, sciences and subjects in general.
C. To establish operate, maintain, aid and subsidize libraries, reading rooms and conference halls. D. To print and publish books, journals, brochures, pamphlets, and other literature on medicine, surgery, nursing, public health. To finance, aid and subsidize any such publication along with other subjects in general.
E. To give scholarships, stipends and aid to students, to syndicate advanced studies in medicine, surgery, nursing and public health and to carry out research in these sciences, along with other facilities and subjects.
F. To organize and aid conferences, congress, seminars, symposiums and research centers on medicine, surgery, nursing and public health etc.
G. To do any act according to the culture, laws and customs, calculated to impart moral or religious education. Improve social structure, promote culture and customs, eradicate poverty, increase literacy, and other similar developmental activities.
H. To do any act calculated to carry out directly or indirectly any of the objects of the foundation and to give curative or preventive relief of any kind to the sick, invalid, poor and aged.
Since 2010, the foundation has expanded its activities on a global scale and was registered in Canada too. It also promotes universally accepted values, including; Peace, Justice, Freedom, Equality and Solidarity as enshrined in UNESCO’s constitution.

Key projects of Baqai Foundation

1. Baqai Medical University
2. Baqai Medical College
3. Baqai Dental College
4. Baqai Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences
5. Baqai Institute of Surgical Sciences
6. Baqai Institute of Health Sciences
7. Baqai Institute of Health Management Sciences
8. Baqai Institute of Obstetrics & Gynaecology
9. Baqai Institute of Paediatrics
10. Baqai Institute of Diabetology & Endocrinology
11. Baqai Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases
12. Baqai Institute of Oncology
13. Baqai Institute of Hematology
14. Baqai Institute of Reproductive and Developmental Sciences (BIRDS)
15. Baqai Institute of Information Technology
16. Baqai College of Veterinary Sciences
17. Baqai Cadet College
18. Baqai Trauma Centre
19. Baqai Institute of Medical Technology
20. Baqai College of Nursing
21. Shehar-e-Baqa (City of Health & Education)

University Hospitals

1. Baqai University Hospital (Nazimabad)
2. Fatima Hospital (500 Bed)
3. Dental College Hospital

Helthcare Complexes

1. Social Obstetrics Unit-1 (Gadap-Karachi)
2. Baqai Khushhal Nagar, Gharo (Distt. Thatta, Sindh)
3. Khuda Ki Basti (Surjani Town-Karachi)

School Projects

1. Salimullah Fahmi Memorial Primary School Unit-1, (Gadap)
2. Salimullah Fahmi Memorial Primary School Unit-2, (Gharo, Sindh)
3. Salimullah Fahmi Memorial Primary School Unit-3, Vinder (Baluchistan)
4. Salimullah Fahmi Memorial Primary School Unit-4, (Khuda Ki Basti, Surjani Town)