Baqai Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Approved and Recognized by the Pharmacy Council of Pakistan (PCP), Chartered Inspection and Evaluation Committee (CIEC now Sindh HEC), and the Higher Education Commission (HEC) Pakistan


1. A grievance and whistle-blowing policy of BMU is available for its employees and students. This policy applies principally to students and all employees of BMU, including faculty, staff, and those who interact with the BMU or its affiliated programs.
2. BIPS recognizes that problems, complaints, or grievances might arise in the daily relationships between faculty, staff, and students. Therefore, the approved grievance policy of BMU should be followed.
3. In case of any grievance, the case may be referred to the Institutional Grievance Committee to solve the matter as per the approved policy of BMU.
4. The Grievance Committee shall be comprised of the following members:
a. Dean, FPS
b. Director, BIPS
c. Concerned Chairperson of the Department (if required)
d. Student Advisor, BIPS
e. Other senior faculty member(s) on special invitation by Dean (if needed)
5. The grievance policy is an umbrella that covers the interest of all students and employees of BMU and provides a forum to bring forward problems, complaints, or grievances.
6. Consistent treatment in the handling of grievances can be achieved through this policy.