To meet the challenge of production of trained Medical Technologists, Baqai Institute of Medical Technology was established in 1993. Initially it was designed to meet the requirement of a good medical technologist with stress on practical training in Clinical Laboratory supported by a good theoretical background of the basic medical science subjects.
In the 17th years of its existence the institute gained confidence, which comes from the success of the students in the examination. The successful candidates who obtained the degree of B.Sc Medical Technology (Clinical Group were all absorbed in supervisory positions by Clinical Laboratories.

Minimum qualification for application is intermediate Science (pre-medical group) or equivalent examination with 50% or above marks in aggregate. Pakistani nationals abroad and foreigners are also eligible provided they posses the requisite academic qualifications. Foreign nationals must produce a certificate of proficiency in English in the form of a TOEFL score of alt-least 450.

Duration Of Courses

BS In Medical Technology

Minimum qualification for application is intermediate Science(pre-medical group) or equivalent examination with 50% or above marks in aggregate. Pakistani nationals abroad and foreigners are also eligible provided they posses the requisite academic qualifications. Foreign nationals must produce a certificate of proficiency in English in the form of a TOEFL score of at-least 450.

Duration Of Courses

The BS Medical Technology course is of four academic years. The course commences from January each year.

M.S in Medical Technology

Progress in Medical Science is indebted to the technology advancement in laboratory science which is developing very fast. In Pakistan training in Medical Technology has not been given the priority it deserves. The Baqai Institute of Medical Technology is however alive to the situation and already offering courses leading to B.Sc degree in Medical Technology.
Realizing the need for postgraduate studies, the Baqai institute of Medical Technology is offering a two years M.Sc degree course in Medical Technology, which comprises of the following subjects (one compulsory and 2 elective subject). In addition a Research Project will be undertaken in 2nd year.
M.S Medical Technology program prepares students for employment in Hospital Laboratories, industries, medical or research Laboratories and Pharmaceutical companies as Medical Technologists, they will perform analysis that air in the diagnosis and treatment of specialized disease .They must be able to carry out complex tests, operate sophisticated instrumentation detect error and correct it. The program leads to M.Phil and PhD degree in Medical Technology.


Candidates who have passed B.Sc Medical Technology B.Sc Honors (Microbiology/Biochemistry) or B.Sc 1st class with Microbiology and Biochemistry.


BIMT is involved in the training of Medical Technologists. Graduates of BIMT are serving in all leading health care institutions of Pakistan and abroad. Baqai Institute of Medical Technology also offers its services to all over seas Pakistanis and other foreign countries. The students admitted in Baqai Institute of Medical Technology are on open merit basis without any discretion of color creed or race.


  1. Mosque

    A spacious and beautiful mosque with accommodation for 300 persons is situated at the eastern flank of the university where the students and staff offer their prayers. The students are given a prayers/lunch break from 1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. daily except Friday.

  2. Students Cafeteria:

    A spacious centrally air-conditioned Cafeteria is to meet the requirements of the students. Students enjoy their lunch hour and breaks in between classes in the Cafeteria. Food & beverages are served on self service basis at subsidized rates.

  3. Students Health Services:

    The Department of Students Health Services is responsible for the health needs of the students during their academic studies. Physical examination and immunization are performed by the Students Health Services for all new students. The service covers both in patient and ambulatory care with provision of specialist care, if needed. The Medical Superintendent of Fatima Hospital supervises the Department of Health Services.

  4. Tutoring and couseling:

    Faculty members are assigned the task of guiding and supervising groups of students for guidance on academic or other problems. The Department of Counseling plays a very important part in guiding the students on day to day basis concerning their problems in academics and other matters. Besides counseling for the future career buildings and postgraduation are available through personal interviews, seminars and conferences.

  5. Hostels:

    There are two huge female Hostels available which have got all the facilities like pick and drop transport, tight security arrangements, hygienically cooked meals, and other necessary requirements. Very senior and qualified female wardens have been appointed to supervise these hostels. Besides a committee of senior faculty members under the supervision of the Chief Warden looks after the Hostel, with regular inspections. The procedure for securing admission to the hostel is to obtain the application form from Admission Department, with completion of the necessary requirements. After an interview of the applicant, a seat would be allocated at the hostel along with deposition of the hostel fee. For the male students, the hostel facility is available on a very limited basis at Baqai University Hospital, Nazimabad on special request.

  6. Students Affair Department:

    This department covers a wide range of student academic and non-academic activities such as counseling, students records, financial assistance discipline and other problems which a student might face. There is a full time Associate Dean to supervise and look after the department and guide the students. The International Students Office at the Department of Students Affairs helps the overseas students in adjusting to live and study at Baqai Medical University. In addition of providing continuing support and advice, the office also guides in obtaining NOC’s, equivalencies and other matters related to study at Baqai Medical University. Students can have a personal and confidential discussion pertaining to housing, health and academics. The records at the Department are centrally computerized including the attendance, which is dispatched regularly to the parents every month.

  7. Financial Assistance:

    Limited financial assistance is available on the recommendation of the Committee constituted for this purpose and Academic Council with approval of the Board of Trustees, Baqai Foundation.

  8. Library:

    The University Library is a major centre of health science literature. It is fully equipped with upto-date information and retrieval facilities, text books and journals for the students and faculties in basic medical and dental sciences, clinical sciences, community health, nursing etc at both the undergraduate and postgraduate education. It has a collection of about 12000 books and more than 100 journals, both local and foreign. An audio-visual library is developed which comprises of latest audio-visual materials. Students are encouraged to use the library facility by applying for their library card and separate periods of library are allocated in their time table. The objective is to encourage the students to involve in literature search under guidance and independently through text books, journals and C.D. Room/Med-line, which has been commissioned at the library. Besides an Electronic Library has also been developed at the Baqai University Hospital, Nazimabad and linkage developed with the International Libraries to get access to the journals, throughout the world via electronic media.

  9. Transport:

    The Baqai Medical University is located at a distance from the Karachi city. Therefore a shuttle Transport Service regularly runs between the College and the Pick-Up points, located at different points in the city, keeping in view the convenience of the students. A fleet of fully maintained university buses operates regularly every day between the city and the university campus. Students should apply for a Bus Card to the administration without which he/she would not be able to utilize the transport facility.

Student Activities

Extra Carriculum activities

The students of Baqai Medical University enjoy various activities outside their educational group and receive education with fun and pleasure. The Sports and Social Clubs provide sporting and recreational activities for students and other members of the university community. The clubs are committed to the belief that participation in these activities enhances the well being of students and staff of the university so that they are better able to meet the demands and obligation of and academic and working life with a balanced and healthy life style.

Sports Club

The Sports Club is a student organization headed by a senior faculty member of the teaching faculty. The Sports Club provides sports opportunities for both boys and girls in wide variety of sports. Annual sports are held regularly and winners of interclass competitions are awarded with prizes by the eminent sport personalities. Examples include sports events in Cricket, Hockey, Football and other indoor games. Baqai students have won various honours and prizes in national sport events.

Sports Events

January - September

  • Jan. : Announcement of Sport Activities
  • Feb. : Volley Ball (1 week) Inter Class (Boys) (Last Week)
  • March: Throw Ball (1 week) Inter Class (Girls) (Mid Month)
  • April: Cricket (1 week) Inter Class (Boys) (Mid Month)
  • July : Table Tennis (2 Days) Boys & Girls, (Last Week) Badminton (3 Days) Boys & Girls
  • Aug. : Football, Inter Class (Boys) (Mid Month)
  • Sept.: Tug-a-War+Prize Distribution (1 Day) (Mid Month) Arm Wrestling + Athletics Inter Class.


  • 14th August: Chancellor XI vs. V. Chancellor XI (Faculty).
  • 23rd March: Baqai XI vs. Invited Medical College
  • 6th Sept.: Foot Ball Match between Baqai XI vs. Invited XI

Social Club

Various functions are held every year regularly including stage talk shows, song competitions, talent shows and award distribution ceremonies. The students are awarded crests and medals upon obtaining distinctions and positions in academics and social activities. Prof. Mrs. Zahida Baqai is the official patron of the Social Club and a team comprising of the senior faculty members and students representatives look after the activities of the Social Club. An Annual Function of the University is held regularly in which prominent entertainers are invited for the performance. Besides the students are encouraged to participate in this function and the best students are awarded with prizes by eminent personalities. Following is a schedule of the Social Club Events for the year 2011.


Day-One Function   January
Bait Baazi Competition   2nd Week of April
Eid-e-Milad   12th Rabi-ul-Awwal
Independence Day   14th August


Degrees are awarded after successful completion of a course at Baqai Medical University and its allied Institutions.


Baqai Institute of Medical Technology

Professor & Director
M.Sc. (Haem), M.Phil., Ph.D, FIBMS

Assistant Professor
B.Sc, M.Sc, M.Phil

Assistant Professor
B.Sc, M.Sc, M.Phil, H(ASCP)

Associate Professor
M.A. Linguistics

Assistant Professor
M.A. M.Ed

Senior Lecturer
MBBS, DCP, Diploma Hematology

M.Sc (Medical Technology)