Baqai College Of Nursing Post-RN BS Nursing


Nursing under Baqai’s Umbrella started with a 3 year Diploma in General Nursing for female students in the year 1986 at the Nazimabad campus.

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As Baqai always had a vision of giving nursing profession its due recognition by raising its standard and offering graduate and post-graduate studies in the field; Baqai College of Nursing (BCON) was established in the year 1996.

Programs No. Of Batches No. Of Students
BS Nursing (4 Year Degree) 2 28


To provide quality Nursing education comparable to international standards to its students in accordance with the actual needs of the society both in Pakistan and in the neighboring world, inculcating in them a sense of moral and social responsibility.


  • To provide students with a comprehensive education and training.
  • To develop a sense of professional responsibility and accountability in meeting the health care needs of the society.
  • To foster the ability to function professionally in health care settings such as hospitals, clinics, community centers, rehabilitation centers and special care units.
  • To enhance the community oriented teaching and learning in order to achieve better understanding of community health problems.

Programs Offered at BCON

BSN Degree Program:

BCON also offers a 4 year Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) Degree program. Successful completion of this program leads to the eligibility for license as Registered Nurse and the award of a Baccalaureate degree. * PNC approval has been sought.

BSN Degree Program:

  1. Intermediate Science or equivalent examination.
  2. Both males and females can apply.

Admission will be finalized on the basis of an Enterance Test and an interview with parents / gardians / Spouse.

Teaching / Learning Strategies

The methods of instruction at BCON are based on the philosophies of self directed and Problem Based Learning. Some of the varied strategies include :

  1. Lectures
  2. Individual, pair & group presentations
  3. Tutorials
  4. Workshops/Seminars
  5. Group discussions
  6. Individual, pair & group assignments
  7. Pre & post conferences
  8. Community exposures
  9. Mini projects / research
  10. Laboratory works
  11. Field visits
  12. Hands-on skills practice
  13. Clinically supervised patient care


An audio-visual library is available within the Fahmi Library. Besides the main library, there is a separate library at BCON.


The skills lab at BCON provides an opportunity for students to do hands-on practice before performing skills in real situation.


Keeping in view the global advancement in science and technology and its integration in the field of Nursing, Computer Application has been made a mandatory course of studies throughout the nursing degree programs. Acknowledging the fact, a computer lab is established within the university.


Students can perform their lab works/practicals of Microbiology, Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry and others in their respective laboratories.


Cafeterias within the campus provide snacks, meals and beverages to students and faculty at reasonable rates.


Besides the university campus hostel, BMU also has female hostel facilities at various locations within the city where hostelites are provided with transportation, security, meals and other necessities.


As BMU is located at a distance from the main city of Karachi, it provides pick and drop service to all the faculty, staff and students on a regular basis.


Graduates can expect an increase in professional status and prospects in their chosen career path through the development and refinement of their knowledge and skills as clinical nurse teacher, nurse educator, nurse manager etc. In addition, this degree will prepare graduates for undertaking graduate and post-graduate studies.


Apart from educational programs, students of BCON also enjoy various activities which further enhance their professional, social, spiritual and physical well- being.


Sports week is celebrated in which students participate in different games organized by the university.


Lamp lighting is of great importance for all those who start their Nursing journey. This is the occasion in which nursing students take oath to serve the humanity. Lamp lighting in collaboration with Baqai School of Nursing (BSON) is celebrated at the university with great enthusiasm.


To grow the Nursing image higher up in the country and to spread awareness regarding the importance of nursing profession, BCON celebrates IND in collaboration with BSON.


A Mehfil-e-Milad is organized every year. On this occasion students recite Naat and highlight the teachings of The Holy Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H).


Social committee of the BCON also organizes picnic and party for its students & faculty.

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