Since the creation of Pakistan, Karachi city is exploding with population, with rapid growth of industries, traffic and housing projects. Many health hazards started erupting as volcanoes like population explosion, smoke, environmental and water pollutions. These provided breeding places for diseases, impeded medical and health progress. It was strongly felt that the health problems of Karachi can not be tackled by government alone. Thus the people from the private sector came forward to shoulder the burden of the public sector. In 1980 Prof. F.U. Baqai and Prof. Mrs. Zahida Baqai started the Fahmi Health Education Center at Gulberg, Karachi

The Aims and Objectives of the Centre :
– To create awareness among masses about health problems.
– To involve and motivate community to plan and solve their own health problems.
– To serve as an urban Primary Health Care Centre.

To Achieve the Objectives the Centre:
– Organizes symposia and seminars on current health issues, current local health problems and health needs.>
– Organizes health support communication courses for the general physicians.>
– Organizes refresher courses for the medical professionals.>
– Establishes urban community, health education programs.>


Services Provided here include:
– Counselling and guidance to the patients and their family members, individually.
– Health education, group sessions on nutrition, immunization, family welfare and rehabilitation of diabetic patients.
– In addition to this, different O.P.Ds are being run on no profit no loss basis including Cardiac, Diabetic, Antenatal, Psychiatric, Eye and Pediatrics.
– Health Education through Urdu language Magazine, Baqa-e-sehat, containing articles for general public, printed and distributed among the members.
_ Continuing Medical Education programs on health issues for general public and general physicians, conducted on regular basis.

Lactation Management Programme
Baqai Medical University Hospital, Nazimabad has been declared a Baby Friendly hospital by the UNICEF since the practice of bottle feeding is strongly discouraged at the hospital. The Lactation Management Centre (LMC) at Baqai Medical University Hospital Nazimabad, offers comprehensive, multi-disciplinary care for a full range of breast problems.
It seeks to empower women with information and educate them for self care and breast feeding. In addition staff, physicians and professionals from other departments participate in centre programs. The centre regularly conducts workshop on Lactation Management for the faculty, general practitioners and health care workers at different hospitals. Uptill now a number of workshops have been conducted with faculty fully trained. All these activities are supported by UNICEF and facilitated by fully trained and renowned clinicians.
Following is the list of Workshops conducted by LMC:

S. No.Workshop No. of ProgramsParticipants
01. Master Trainer’s Workshop
From Ziauddin, H/Family Chinoit, Quotter, Imam Clinic
3 49
02. Workshop for “General Practitioners” 2 23
03. Workshop on “Mother & Child
Common problems faced by
the General Practitioners”
1 52
04.Workshops on “Lactation Management”14316
05.Workshop on “Nutrition
and Family Planning for Nurses”
9 121
06. Workshop on “Breast Feeding”
for final year MBBS students
07.Baby show at Rural Health Centre,
1 500
08.Baby show at Fahmi Health Centre 1300

Baby Friendly Hospital Award by Government :
Baby Friendly Hospital Award given year 2002.
It has kept up its reputation and Status of “Baqai Friendly Hospital” till to date.