Baqai Medical University being the pioneer in medical education in private sector striving hard to accomplish the Vision & Mission of its Founding Chancellor Late Prof. F. U. Baqai in medical education and healthcare facilities. In order to continue the journey of his Vision & Mission the Department of Pharmacology has started “one year certificate course in Food Pharmacology” to understand the importance of food and its nutritive quality as an adjunctive therapy.

Food nutrition is the basic building block of human physical corpus. The food has un-doubtful role in the proliferation and maintenance process of the physical body. Additionally, the Governing Nature has placed an excellent healing property in the food. All the standard pharmacological agents also work in collaboration with the various dietary end products (water, protein, carbohydrates, and fats). Therefore proper awareness of food and nutritional elements could be successfully used to modulate disease pathogenesis and progress. Hence this program would be beneficial to enhance the skills of healthcare professionals about the various applied aspects of food as adjunctive therapy.

What is present in the breakfast and spoon is the smartest natural medicine more than anything present in the bottle of syrup. Judicious and natural food is the most powerful medicine for the healing of human ailments.

The material physical body is accumulated food. The food has the power to generate and maintain the organ; therefore we consider that the food has the power to heal the organ. This could be achieved by having knowledge about the interaction of food with human body as an adjunctive medicinal tool.

To enhance the importance of food adjunctive through “Effective Pharmacological Instrument” to combat various ailments.

This course is focused to expand the clinical vision regarding the healing properties of food by empowering healthcare professionals through judicious use of food as adjunctive medicinal tool.

All certified healthcare professionals of medicine/alternative medicine/Pharmacy/ Allied medicine (MBBS/BDS/Pharm-D/DPT/BUHS (Hakims)/BS Food Sciences).

Department of Pharmacology, Block B, Baqai Medical College, Baqai Medical University.

The course will consist of 2 Semesters. Academic session will compose of ONCE a week class at Department of Pharmacology, Baqai Medical College, Baqai Medical University. Examination will be held at the end of each Semester. The exam will comprise of theory, viva and project.