1. Social obstetrics is the brainchild of Prof. Mrs. Zahida Baqai. It was an originally conceived as a way of dealing with maternal mortality and the plight of rural deprived women. Social obstetrics Unit offers the fully integrated services of education, healthcare and self help social upliftment. (income generation)

2. From these beginnings it has evolved into an all encompassing service that can be viewed as a legitimate alternative to the traditional male orientated Primary Health Care Service particularly in view of the World Health Organization; finding that the vicious cycle in deprived communities is only broken when 70% of women are educated for at least 05 years, as women do much more than simply deliver children.

3. Situated at the University Campus at Gadap, the unit serves deprived area of more than 1.5 million people. The development of the unit has been very rapid.

4. As universal education has failed worldwide, innovative programme has been introduced. This integrates learning how to think into standard education which teaches children how to remember – a critical deficiency which is probably responsible for the failure of education, particularly in developing countries. Spoken Arabic is specially made compulsory for promote not only God’s language but a clear understand of Qura’an - with listening/reading. Adult education and integrated health instruction are also considered as part of this project. It is noteworthy that the villagers resist direct approach but nevertheless accumulated under one roof – to receive. Self Help Social Upliftment: This has been very successful and is actively pursued. A Skill Center has been built where the women of the goth are instructed in sewing and other skills. The products of these activities are sold and the proceeds accrue to the villagers’ income generation, takes the form of kitchen gardens.

1. Primary prevention (vaccination/Polio drops) is the most cost effective form of healthcare in developing countries.

2. Dietary supplementation in late pregnancy has considerably reduced small for dates neonates in the goth. This is considered of great importance; intrauterine programming may well be responsible for insulin resistance and the late development of diabetes with its appalling health consequences in Pakistan. These children are being followed up by Baqai Institute of Diabetology and Endocrinology and much is expected of this study.

3. Family Planning

4. CNC - for high risk pregnancy has reduce the every complication of APH, PPH Obstetrics remarkly as shows - with reducing of maternal and perenatle mortality.

5. The unit is in the process of computerization and shortcomings are being corrected; of major interest is the high birth rate. A community approach via the village leaders and religious leaders is not bearing fruit with a de-medicalization of the process.

Skill development of rural women for economic emancipation.