All students of Baqai Medical University are given login IDs for Email and MS TEAM access. The login ID is your University allocated 9 digit roll number
For example

All students are advised to click on this link to access their email.
1- Go to and sign in with your email id & password.

2- Sign in window will appear, then Sign in with your Email ID. Enter your password as given by college / institution.

3- Click the outlook icon to access your email.

4– Following scree will appear. This is your Microsoft Outlook Mail Box.

5- Click the Teams icon, here you can access all of your classes scheduled by your college / institution.

To change password, click on following link

1- Following Screen appears. Click on Enroll.

2- Enter your login ID and password given by college / institution.

3- Select the secret questions and enroll yourself.

4- Click on Finish to complete enrollment.

5- Previous window will appear. Click on change password.

6- Change your password and click on next to complete the process.

7- Click on Finish. Your password is changed.

For any further query or information kindly email at
Contact with your official email id.

Code of Conduct and Discipline Rules for Students

1. It is the sole responsibility of the student to make arrangements for necessary items if he/she is registered in an online program at BMU and attending classes from outside the university such as a laptop or desktop computer and smartphone or tablet.
2. The studentsshould have access to internet service ata reasonable speed to access the Elearning activities of the registered program.
3. It is the sole responsibility of each student to make himself/herself available online during the scheduled timings from Monday to Friday and if required even on Saturday.
4. The students shall always keep their microphones and camera off during a lecture or a class. In case of any question, they have to first take permission by writing in the chatbox or clicking the raise hand option. Once allowed by the teacher, they can unmute their microphone and ask the question and thereafter immediately mute it again.
5. All students must place their picture on the official LMS profile so that they can be identified easily.
6. The students are strictly not allowed to post or make public the recorded sessions/lectures for any course on social media.
7. Any electronic or social media app that is being used by the concerned college/institute/university for any correspondence should be considered as official, e.g., Email, WhatsApp, Zoom, Skype, MS Teams, Goggle Meet, etc.
8. All students should use the official email IDs ( for all types of official correspondence.
9. It is the responsibility of a student to change the password of the official email ID once received from the respective college/institution and must not share it with anyone. For any technical help, they can contact the IT department of BMU at
10. It is the sole responsibility of the student to regularly check the official email, WhatsApp group, and LMS for any updates or other academic activities.
11. Any relevant matter of discipline will be dealt with according to the rules and regulations of respective institutes and BMU and if required may be sent to the Discipline Committee.
12. The action against the act of indiscipline depends on the nature and gravity of indiscipline. The action may include fines, debarring from attending online classes for a particular period or expulsion from the university, etc.
13. The following (but not limited to) shall constitute as acts of indiscipline for which action may be taken against the student(s):
  a. Breach of any rule of the college/institute or the university.
  b. Disobedience to authority.
  c. Unmuting the microphone during the class unless allowed to do so.
  d. Muting any other person of the online session.
  e. Opening the cameraunless allowed to do so.
  f. Making noise or interruption during the class or use of indecent or filthy language.
  g. Use of undesirable remarks or gestures.
  h. Posting comments on social media that are derogatory to the prestige/reputation of the College, Institute, Faculty, and University or its personnel.
  i. Any other matter as decided by the competent authority of BMU.