The Baqai initiative aims at supplying the shortfall in the health care, education and other social services in the province of Sindh.
The Baqai Medical Complex -- Thatta-Gharo Project, the 1st such complex would improve the health and social status of under-privileged groups and particularly the rural poor of Sindh by replicating (with modifications) developing institutional structures of the existing Model of Baqai Medical University. The first of the three proposed replica of Baqai Model is the Thatta-Gharo Project, on whose main campus (about 67 km from Karachi), would be located a 200 bedded Hospital for which land was acquired. It will serve as the tertiary care hospital and would function as one of the teaching outlets for the proposed medical educational institution. It will be surrounded by 6-Taluka level hospitals, each of 50-bedded capacity in Thatta and Badin Districts where health-care/social services are deficient. These will be served by a total of 50 community health and education centres which constitute a very unique component in fact the very essence of Baqai Medical Complex Projects (8 to be attached to the main Hospital and 7 each to the Taluka level Hospitals), which will be consisting of the following

(A) Health Centre / Services provided in these centers will be:
i) Obstetrics care and women issues
ii) Primary health care:

1. MCH services
2. Immunization services
3. Family planning services
4. Health/Nutrition education training including lactation management
5. Treatment services for communicable / other diseases
6. TB treatment (DOTS+), malaria, diabetes programmes
7. Sewerage disposal and water supply

(B) Primary School has been established, which will provide the following:
i) Innovative education
ii) Formal Education
iii) Civic sense development
iv) Adult literacy centre in the evening
v) Community Hall

(C) Skill Development Centre for Women will provide the following trainings to enhance the income of the families:
i) Tailoring/sewing
ii) Embroidery
iii) Carpet/cloth weaving
iv) Cooking
v) Painting
vi) Flower making
vii) Pottery
viii) Kitchen gardens
ix) Limited animal husbandry
x) Other income-generating trades

All these facilities are to be provided to the community free of cost and no charges will be levied for providing services in respect of community health-care, education and skill development.

It is to be noted that the Outpatient Department at the Complex has already been started. A full time staff has been appointed which regularly examines the patients belonging to different specialities and provides them with necessary medicines. Besides, various surgical procedures are being done regularly providing relief to the ailing patients. The Chancellor of Baqai Medical University, Prof. F.U. Baqai with his dedicated surgical team visits the Outpatient Department regularly and performs surgery of different patients. Moreover, the Institute of Ophthalmology and other specialities offer regular consultation and provide surgical facilities to students.

(D) Vinder (Bulochistan)

(E) Khuda Ki Basti (Surjani Town Karachi)